About Joining Marin Oratorio
Spring Semester, 2018
Rehearsals begin Wednesday, January 24
We will be singing Mass in c minor (Grand Mass) K.427, Solemn vespers of the confessor, K.339,
and Te Deum, K.141
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
at our concerts on Saturday, May 12 and Sunday, May 13.

If you are an experienced singer with a love of great choral music, we hope you will be interested in becoming a member of Marin Oratorio at the College of Marin.

The Process

Chorus members who are new, or returning after an absence of a year or more should first submit an Application for Admission to the College of Marin, before enrolling for Marin Oratorio, a CREDIT class at the College of Marin, Kentfield Campus. Students should apply for Admission for a credit class on line at http://www1.marin.edu/apply; continuing students may skip this step.

There will be no pre-registration for Marin Oratorio this semester.

Continuing, returning, and aspiring chorus members should attend the first rehearsal on Wednesday, January 24 at 7 PM in Room 72 in the Performing Arts Building. Aspiring members will be directed to an audition prior to enrollment. Everyone else should come to our Registration Table in the back of the room. You will be given a yellow or white enrollment card containing all the numbers which apply to you (hopefully). You will be given your personal ADD Code for this class, for this semester. You will be asked to complete the card with your address, COM MOO number, phone, and signature.

Those enrolling in Music 169 or Music 262 (but not auditors):

  • Please use the information we give you on your card, and pay on line, by visiting your MyCom portal. Parking permits are available there.
  • Or, take your card to the Admissions Office in person and enroll and pay there. Parking permits are available there. You may petition to waive some student fees.
  • Fee for Music 169 is $90 for 1 unit, and fees.)
    Fee for Music 262 (5th-8th semester in Marin Oratorio) is $113 for 1.5 units, and fees.
  • After participating in Marin Oratorio for 8 semesters, students may petition to move to Auditor status (in class).
  • Auditors will enroll in Music 169 and must complete the form and pay IN CLASS:
  • Please pay $30, by check only, to College of Marin, for 1 unit, including Tech and Transportation fees.
  • You will be notified by email when your registration has gone through. Then you may apply for a parking permit.

If you are taking additional classes, you may add them to the same yellow card, and pay for additional units, $46 per unit, plus some additional fees. You will need a separate ADD Code for each class.

It is our aim to make this process as quick and easy, so we can get on to singing ASAP.

Continuing and Returning students are advised to visit their Student Portal at http://mycom.marin.edu if you wish to check how many semesters you have already used the various enrollment numbers, and make sure your account is up to date. If you didn't change your password in January, 2016, you must begin by choosing "First Time User;" you will be guided through setting a new password. If you have forgotten your ID and Password, you may use the Forgot Username or Forgot Password links, which will also reactivate an inactive account, or you may choose FAQ for ways to make personal contact.

The Numbers

(1) Marin Oratorio members for whom this is among their first 4 semesters should enroll for CRN 12803 (MUSIC 169, Marin Oratorio) 1 unit.

(2) Marin Oratorio members who have already taken Music 169 four times should enroll for CRN 11854 (MUSIC 262, LARGE ENSEMBLE TECHNIQUES/Jarrell), which may be taken 4 times for 1.5 units.

(3) Marin Oratorio members who have taken Music 169 and Music 262 for 4 semesters each may be granted Auditor Status for Music 169 by the director. This requires a petition (the first time only) and an ADD card marked "AUDITOR." Details will be given in class. The total fee is $30 for those who qualify to be Auditors. (Fees are subject to change. Check this space.)

Additional Information

Members are expected to purchase their own music at the first rehearsal.

Marin Oratorio is an auditioned ensemble. Auditions will be held by the director at the first and second rehearsals. For the Fall semester, 2017, the first rehearsal will take place on Wednesday, January 24. Potential new members should come at 7:00 PM for an opening rehearsal, followed by auditions at 9:30 PM. There will also be some time for auditions between 7 and 7:30. Choristers are expected to demonstrate pleasant tone quality, accuracy of pitch, and basic sight reading ability. It is the general policy of the director to accept all who qualify, although he may start a wait list for some sections, if there is an imbalance. Continuing members are not required to re-audition, if their participation has been continuous.

Marin Oratorio rehearses Wednesday evenings from 7:30 - 10:00 PM, from late August through early December, and from mid-January through mid-May. Additional special rehearsal activities will be announced, to take place 6:30 to 7:30. Rehearsals are ordinarily held in Room 72 of the Performing Arts Building on the Kentfield Campus of COM.

GRADES: You will receive a letter grade, unless you indicate that you would prefer PASS/NoPASS "Grade Mode". Sorry, we cannot do this for you in class. You may handle this on line or at the Admissions Office. You will need your COM M00 number, and the ADD Code from your yellow card. Those who are using Auditor status will receive no grade and no credit.

See College of Marin Application and Registration Information.
See the College of Marin Schedule of CREDIT Classes. Click Spring Semester, 2018, then choose Music.
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