June, 2017

This June, members of Marin Oratorio, along with members of Villa Sinfonia--an award-winning Foundation dedicated to fostering string musicians of every age--join forces for a musical tour through Vienna and Budapest. From June 10-19, singers and instrumentalists will visit the spectacular castles, cathedrals, museums, and natural landmarks of Austria and Hungary. Marin Oratorio singers, directed by conductor Boyd Jarrell, and Villa Sinfonia musicians, directed by concertmaster Roy Oakley, will perform in five concerts, presenting the music of Mozart, Haydn, Randal Thompson, and more.

Esterhazy Palace

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Link to Alice Hofer's beautiful video on YouTube. "You will feel like you are there."

Photos from Sue B.


Boris, Karen, Adrian

Boyd and Bud





Elizabeth, Neil, Steve, Sharon, Boyd, Jan, Mike, Posey

Julie and Linda

Mike, Linda, Boyd

Mike and Sharon


Pete and Boyd

River taxi

Sue and Pete

Videos from Neil and Elizabeth

Alleluia, Randall Thompson, from St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest
Hail Smiling Morn, Reginald Spofforth, from Melk
Shenandoah, arranged by Adrian Quince, from Melk
When Jesus Wept, William Billings, from Melk
Easter Anthem, William Billings, from Melk

Photos from Steve Orsary

This famous bridge was bombed in the 90's war, now restored, perhaps retaliation for Dubrovnik. A large stone at the bridge entrance is etched with the words "Do not forget 1993." Minaret of a mosque visible through the arch.

Dubrovnik from the Town Walls
Dubrovnik and Venice competed for control of the Adriatic from the Middle Ages. We walked the walls that completely enclose the town, and took this photo from the top of the walls in the late afternoon, looking out toward the sea. On the seaward side, the walls edge right to the water. Landward, a mountain backs the walls. Good defenses. During the war in the early 1990's the city was shelled from land and sea. In the present roof tiles, the bright orange ones were the ones replaced due to the extensive damage. Everything has been completely repaired now. A very few volunteer soldiers defended the city, and it was never taken. A number of scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed here, and the town has stood in for King's Landing.

Diocletian's Palace, Croatia
Roman Emperor, circa 300 A.D., built this palace in which to retire.
He was famous for persecuting Christians and dividing the empire into 4 parts among his sons.
When he died, everyone here celebrated. The spire was added much later.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

St. Mark's church in Zagreb. Dedicated especially to anyone named Mark who has a birthday today.
So much history and dedication in these old churches. Croatia is, and has been for a very long time, a Catholic country.
On a square edged by the city hall, the Parliament Building, and the government palace. Church and state, eh? S

Farmhouse outside Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Photos from Karl Weigl from Budapest

Finicular, Pest

Soldiers on Horseback, 1942 and 1911

Parliament, from Pest

Elizabeth Bridge

Riverfront Buildings

Buda, Rock Castle

Hair Salon Poster

Karl on Chain Bridge

Photos from Karl Weigl from Vienna

Vienna 1

Pete, Karl

Pete & Sue

Vienna 4

Vienna 5



Vienna 8

Row 1: Ruth, Marie; Row 2: Mary Lee, Katrina, Robin, Steve, Linda; Row 3: Karl, Peg

Videos from Karl Weigl

Chefs at Kispiac Bisztro in Budapest

Strudelshow at Schoenbrunn

Prep kids rehearsing Minuet in Haydnsaal

Photo from Jo Sherlin, who says, "This one's for Dorli. I think it means "Flowers for heart and soul" but I'm not sure."


More photos from Sue Bowser


Hotel, Vienna

Dinner Musicians-Last Day

First Esterhazy Photos from Neil Kraus

Esterhazy Palace

Esterhazy Palace, version 2

Lots more photos from Fred Ross-Perry

Vienna, after the show
Vienna, Alterchenfeld Kirche
Vienna, orchestra, getting ready
Vienna, kids, getting ready

Beautiful red cases
Robin, Jeff
Neil, Steve, Alex, Judd

Jan, Peg, Linda, Hannah
Melk, Fred's wife Cathy
Haydnsaal concert hall

Melk Abbey
Vienna, preps
Vienna, ready to begin
Alex and friends, Schoenbrunn

Rishi, Karl
Kathy, Katrina, Jan
Schoenbrunn Gardens
Schoenbrunn Gardens
Village of Melk

Photos of the Villa Sinfonia kids, from Sue Bowser

More photos from Sue Bowser

Bud, Boyd, Abigail


Pete, Alex

Photos from Mike Burch, from Budapest:

Matthias Church, Budapest

The Danube at night

Castle at Godollo

Castle Hill

House of Houdini!

Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest

Heroes Square, Budapest

Modern Art at Godolla Palace, Hungary

And more, yet, from Fred Ross-Perry in Budapest

We had a good audience in Budapest. Nice response. As you saw I'm sure in photos, the venue was spectacular. --Fred R-P.

More from Budapest:

Poster for our concert, at Bartok's house

A hurdy-gurdy on display at Bartok's house

Marie at dinner the last night in Budapest:

The palace at Godollo:
Fred and Cathy

Inside St Stephen's basilica the day of our concert

Inside the Dohány Street Synagogue, largest in Europe

Vienna, the Belvedere Museum

Fat house

Various group shots:
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4

St Stephen's' Cathedral:

Our wonderful guide Trixie

More from Fred Ross-Perry in Budapest

Boyd at Bartok's house

Dolls in a window

Concert at St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest:
Boyd and Dan
St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest

A local musician playing a hammered dulcimer in the Metro station:

This might be the best beer I've ever tasted.
Best beer!


Linda, Boyd, Sharon -- We have arrived in Budapest!

Budapest -- Castle Hill

Budapest -- Chorus breathing deeply!

Budapest -- Beki, Lin-Yu

Budapest -- Wow

Boyd & Linda


Mike & Sharon


Esztergom, St. Matthias




The group at St.Matthias

Fred Ross-Perry's photo links:

The basilica in Esztergom, Monday. I was not present for this, but some of our number sang "Lift Thine Eyes" and "When Jesus Wept" inside. And the organ was playing while we were there, which was glorious.

Esztergom Basilica
Esztergom Basilica
Esztergom Basilica

From the concert in San Francisco a week ago:

Concert in San Francisco

Sunset on the Danube, after dinner Sunday night

Dinner at sunset on the Danube

Sunday there happened to be a once-a-year festival in the Jewish Quarter. Here is a klezmer band holding forth in a plaza. The JQ is also home to the world's 2nd largest synagogue, which we'll hopefully see tomorrow.

Klezmer band, Jewish Quarter

A short movie of some musicians playing in a small village in the Danube Bend. This reminded me of the film "Once" for some reason. And the village reminded us of some of the Irish villages we'd seen last year.

Music in small village in the Danube Bend